Of course we are always here to give you high-end interior design advice for you home. It is also important to care for your house as a whole, which means the outside too!

Your outdoor space is just as important and today I am going to share with you some high-end exterior design tips!

1. Plan for the Weather
It is always the smartest choice to plan ahead. All four seasons will affect your outdoor space in many different ways. Different colors look differently based on the season. Thinking forward will solve this problem, you can use more neutral tones and bring gradual pops of color in through moldings or windowpanes. There are plenty of apps you can use to see what colors would look best in the space.

2. Painting Prep
It’s important to prepare the area to be painted and there are 3 steps that are the most practical approach. The surface must be dry, the surface must be clean and the surface must be sound. By following these easy steps you can prep you outdoor walls the simplest way possible.

3. Follow Mother Nature
The most beautiful exteriors always have a connection with the surrounding.  Every landscape has tones and color you can pick up on and use in your style palette. Ignite your garden by following these steps and you can add even more natural color to your outdoor style guide. Following Mother Nature will guide you to the most fabulous exterior design.