For todays high-end interior design inspiration we are going to bring you back to the rainbow but dive into the color gold!

Gold has always been a timeless color that depicts regality, elegance, and grace. If used the right way of course! With interior decorating it is important to use gold selectively to avoid anything gaudy and cheap.

The trick is to use gold to brighten and warm up a room. Treat gold pieces like jewelry and carefully place them and create a distinct stylized look.

Now I am going to show you this amazing gold spectacle called the Acido Dorado created by Robert Stone. The Acido Dorado is an internationally known new architectural icon that is both inspiring and an intimate place to be. It is located inside of Joshua Tree National Park in California and you can even rent this unique experience here on Airbnb!

This modern gold house is described at a loaded object that plays with your sense of normalcy within a living space. This avant-garde house exudes sumptuous fashion and beauty. Like a fine piece of jewelry you can live in that doesn’t follow normal standards.

If you are out on the west coast any time soon take a look at the Acido Dorado and heighten your interior design and architectural senses. Embrace the gold.