Miami interior design has a style all it’s own. It often involves independently from the rest of the country (maybe it’s all the sunshine).

That’s why every so often I like to browse around the Internet and search for past articles and blog posts about Miami interior design trends. It’s my business to be in the thick of it and learn by talking to people and actually doing the work, but I still want to make sure nothing ever slips past me.

It was while doing this that I came across a post from quite a few months ago that has a fascinating view on the influence of interior design trends from the other side of South Florida.

Robb & Stuckey Creative Director Mark Stuart observes that a recent furniture and interior design trend that originated in Southwest Florida is spreading wildly. He calls Modern Tropical.

As he describes it…

“The fundamental design tends to be simple and unadorned with classic good lines. Secondly, nature always plays a starring role. And, thirdly, glamour and drama are always present.”

Get the jump on the trend by incorporating Modern Tropical into your interior decoration before everyone else does.