Especially during the summer time; the backyard is a key place to spend time with friends and family.

For those of you homeowners who are looking to spruce up your yard take a look at these fun outdoor decorating ideas to try!

Turn your backyard into the perfect venue for BBQ’s or summer festivities by trying these adornments.

Try adding some life into your backyard with a waterfall fountain! The soothing sound of waterfalls splashing in your yard will be dazzling and calming. There are so many types of outdoor waterfall fountains to choose from to fit your own style.  Try a smaller hanging fountain in your garden or if you have a larger space try a rock waterfall fountain.

Lacking space in your backyard to grow plants? Try creating a vertical garden! This garden can be aligned vertically along with a wall or a fence. Now your bare wall will be dressed with beautiful plants and flowers and you can fulfill your dream of having garden. Try growing edible plants like mint, basil, radishes, and parsley in your vertical garden. You can also grow plants like fern, acacia cognata, lipstick plant, wedding vine and many more plants to help revamp your outdoor wall.

Try glamorizing your yard into a fairy tale with birds chirping around your garden. A simple solution to create this dream is by adding a birdbath to your outdoor space. You can purchase a readymade concrete birdbath or you can make one yourself! Collect some platters and plates from your kitchen and paint them and build your very own birdbath. This will truly enhance your yard.

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