The summer time is here and it is a glorious time of the year to enjoy. There are so many outdoor activities and tons of events, especially here in Miami. Every season has a purpose as well as energy.

The great thing about interior design is being able to recreate a space over and over again. Lets soak up the summer vibes and let the light shine into our homes!

Today I am going to share some simple summer decorating ideas with you!

Lighten Up the Dark Side
Take a look at any room in your house and try painting the darkest wall in a brighter shade that is in the same color palette. This will give a great bounce of light to it and open up the room. Remember one simple change can completely transform a space.

Add Pops of Color
Be brave and add pops of color around your house. Bright décor will create exciting contrast in any alcove or small area, the inside of a window, or as a simple stripe along a skirting board. Try it out on home accessories like vibrant mandarin throw pillow or kitchen placemats.

Use Some of Many Inspirations
Don’t forget to source out some of your inspiration from our blog! Almost every week The Psychology of Design shares with you a new inspiration relating to the world of design. Whether it being other design websites or fairy tale dreams there is something for everyone to get excited about!

Last Year’s Summer Interior Design Trends

We love sharing with you the upcoming trends of the season! This year so many fun things kept popping up it can be hard to keep track. Here are some of our top picks from Internal Panel Systems 2016’s Top Interior Design Trends!

Smart Appliances
There are many household appliances that include savvy technology. There are internet-connected ovens and tumble dryers that have all become a reality.

There are many competing products out there from established appliance brands such as Breville and Samsung. Smart appliances are way more than just technology; they make a statement about your whole home style.

Statement Mirrors
While mirrors have must needed home functions they also can do some pretty magical things to a room. Statement mirrors are all the rage this year bringing together a truly avant-garde yet classic design aesthetic. Of course grand mirrors can make your cozy apartment look larger than life!

Warm Metal Materials
Warmer metals are making their way into many of today’s most modern homes this year! Brands like Dornbracht have made materials like copper and gold, once dated, come back full circle. With bathroom and kitchen fixtures, countertops, and industrial furniture, warm metals are extremely eye catching in a glamorous way this year.  Keep them in mind when you are choosing your new home accessories!

So grab some inspiration this summer and get decorating!