In the world of luxury interior design first impressions mean everything. The entrance to your home sends the message about the rest of your homes decorum.

Today I am going to discuss ways to ensure a warm an inviting experience in your own entry hall design.

Entrance halls of any home or apartment serve many purposes. They are functional spaces that allow room for grab and go storage as well a meeting place for guests. These halls are the transition to the home full of beautiful furnishings and adornments.

Now just how do you pick and choose what fits in the entry hall? Always remember that everything needs a purpose and a function and you wont run into any issues with clutter. For example a stool or table can be fixed to the wall to hold keys, mail, or cell phones.

Having the entrance walls pained the same color will help create unity. When choosing a paint color think about any accent colors that are within your decorating scheme of your entire home. You can use these walls to help reinforce the color of the living rooms sofa or chairs or the drapes on the windows.

It also helps to avoid pale colors since the entry way will have a lot of foot traffic resulting in some wear and tear. Also adding a rug will help soften the blow of unwanted rain, snow, or mud.

The entrance should be well lit. You can add a lantern, chandelier, or lighting fixture depended on your ceilings height. Even a floor lamp will work.

Now you must add your own zest and flair to your hall. Whatever makes your personality unique bring why not let it show. You can add a whimsical floral arrangement of a shelf of your favorite novels. Also having access to a mirror is key for when you or your guests are on the go!

Remember that your entrance hall can easily get and upgrade so you can constantly keep it fresh.