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How High End Interior Design Goes Wrong

We always say that truly luxurious, high end interior design should look like the homeowner is just someone with really good taste. However, there's another side to the story.

Many interior decorators try to give a place the lived-in appearance by simply going around and finding expensive art, knickknacks, and furniture to fill a space. Unfortunately, this all too often creates a feeling of clutter rather than luxury and taste.

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The Art of Antiquing: Creating the Perfect High End Interior Design

Our longtime readers know we believe that truly luxurious high end interior design should make a space look like the product of the owner's exquisite good taste. That's why even homeowners who have the best interior designer or decorators should spend the time to do a little shopping on their own.

For those who prefer the traditional style of interior decoration, going antiquing is one of the best ways to give your home that extra special touch.

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The Role of Ceramics in High End Interior Design

In an early episode of DesignTV With Steven G., I talked about the comeback that porcelain has made in luxury interior design and decoration. 

While I was mainly talking about flooring, there's another way you can use this fantastic material to make your home look great. But for that you need a master craftsperson like pottery artist Frances Palmer.

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A New Take on the Psychology of Interior Design

Our blog is called The Psychology of Design for a reason.

We've always been big believers that quality interior design and decoration goes far beyond simply having a pretty home. The colors, light, art, and items you surround yourself with don't just reflect who you are as a person; they can help you become the best version of yourself.

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Interior Design vs. Interior Decoration (and Why It Matters)

The interior design and architecture magazine Freshome released a great article about what it takes to become an interior designer, high end or otherwise.

While the post seems to be written mainly for those thinking about pursuing a career in the field, it also offers a wealth of knowledge for anyone making decisions about the interiors of their own homes or offices.

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DesignTV with Steven G.: The Miami Miracle

I had the great pleasure of doing the interior decoration for the offices of Miami real estate giants Decorus Realty. In addition their great talent, Decorus had the foresight to launch right before one of the quickest economic turnarounds in history.

Naturally, we had to bring in their founders, Gabriel Markovitch and David Koster, to give their thoughts on why Miami so quickly rebounded to once again become the country's foremost real estate and high end interior design market.

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