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Miami Interior Design Showroom Announcement

Not too long ago we brought you the news that we were opening up our new high end interior design, decoration, and furniture showroom in Sunny Isles…a luxurious sliver of Miami Beach.

We're proud to say the place has been a hit. In fact, you've all responded so wonderfully to the new location, that we're making it our home base in Miami.

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A High End Interior Designer with a Country Flair

As you know, there's nothing I like better than talking about Miami interior designers and decorators. But sometimes my eye goes a bit farther afield when I see someone's work that really stands out.

Enter Ruby Guidara. Not only is this Tennessee-based interior decorator behind the sets for the ABC show "Nashville," but she has a beautiful, eclectic style that's all her own, which she regularly employs for herself and her clients.

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Bringing Miami Interior Decoration Back to Its Roots

No matter what kind of luxury interior decoration you come across in Miami, you can almost always trace at least a little bit of it back to its original heyday.

From the 1920's through the late 1950's, Miami interior design had a unique style that spanned what we now call Modernism, which includes everything from Art Deco to streamlined Jet Age style.

Many of those old buildings no longer exist, but fortunately there were people around who had the foresight to take pictures.

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Miami Interior Design and Reality TV

It turns out that Interiors by Steven G. is the talk of the reality TV world.

RealityTea, one of the biggest reality television blogs out there, has been closely following the story of our client Lisa Hochstein as she battled the City of Miami for the right for permission to build her dream mansion.

In the wake of her big win, the blog featured the news along with some interior design renderings of the new home.

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Watch Steven G. Take the Ice Bucket Challenge in Miami

You knew I was going to have to do this eventually. But my own daughter!

I got word this weekend that my little girl Lyndsey Gurowitz (some of you may know her as CFO of Interiors by Steven G.) challenged me to dump a bucket of ice water over my head for a good cause…raising money for ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

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What Does the Miami Wealth Report Mean For High End Interior Designers?

In the annual Knight Frank Wealth ReportMiami was ranked as one of the two of the most important global city's to the world's wealthy (the only other North American city on the list was New York). 

This confirms something I've known for a long time -- Miami is the 21st century city.

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What Are High End Interior Designers?

We spend a lot of time on this blog exploring what high end interior designers do but haven't talked as much about who high end interior designers are?

The visibility of interior decoration is at an all time high. Between the popularity of channels like HDTV and the ability of anyone with a computer to start a business, there have never been more people working at the craft of improving the insides of people homes and offices.

This is a good thing. I love to see people's creativity flower and I love entrepreneurship. I also think there's room for all different kinds of interior decoration and design.

That said, high end interior designers are a different breed. In fact, an interior decorator isn't even allowed to call him or herself an interior designer without certain certifications and training.

But it goes beyond that.

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A Miami Interior Designer Rejoices As Miami Real Estate Continues to Boom

As a Miami interior designer, I have to keep a close eye on the Miami real estate market. Its movement has as almost much to do with our business as the selection of colors and fabrics.

Luckily, I never get bored.

Back in 2008 nowhere felt the real estate crash that brought down the economy more than Miami. Now 6 years later, no real estate market is more on fire.

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Did You Know This Famous Comedian Is Slim Paley's Husband?

I've been singing the praises of high end interior design blogger Slim Paley for near on a year now. We've even traded a handful of mutually-complimetary Tweets.

So I was naturally interested when I came across her real name in an online discussion of some of the best high end interior design blogs out there.

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