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Inspiration Decoration of the Week: Creative Floor Lamps

Elements of nature are always classy and universally beautiful in any space. Today I bring to you these endearing floor lamps that stand on knotted tree like stems.

Within interior design there is always a way to incorporate natural components. Architecture and design are one with nature. This week Wall Street Journalist, Alexa Brazilian, inspires us.  

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Stunning Art Exhibits in South Florida

There are a ton of different art galleries all over South Florida. If you love interior design as much as I do you know that different types of visual arts help inspire and create decorating decisions.

This week I have weeded through many exhibits and scoped out the top 2 for you to squeeze in your busy schedules this week.

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Interview With the Real Estate Guru: Renata Santos

On this episode of DesignTV With Steven G., we talk to one of South Florida’s most high-end realtors.

Coming to us from Brazil! Renata Santos is a queen in the world of luxury housing and properties. She has come here today to talk to us about her knowledge of the recent international buyer market in to Miami.

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Must See Art Shows in Miami This Month

There are so many art galleries popping up all over South Florida. It can be hard to choose which ones to visit when you don’t have time for all. We have hand picked some amazing art shows for you to check out this month!  

When you spend your free time viewing these arts exhibits it will positively impact your interior design decisions. The visual arts will always come in handy when thinking about redesigning your home.

I hope these shows get you excited about collaborating and designing a space.

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3 Interior Design Tips For Achieving Your Dream Kitchen

Today I am going to give you some helpful tips and tricks that will design one great kitchen. These ideas are broad enough to fit any particular aesthetic. The kitchen is a very important part of your home, bringing family and friends together around that dining table.

See what changes you can make to create a fabulous communal space.

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Technology Meets Fitness Revealed: ENZOeBike

On this episode of DesignTV With Steven G., we talk to one of Pompano Beach’s most knowledgeable manufacturers and business owners, Felipe Laverde.

Certain technologies are inherently linked to the success of any high-end interior design project. Combining amazing luxurious products with beautiful designs can lead to an amazing home.

So I invited him down to the showroom to show you the remarkable ENZOeBike.

I think you are going to love it!

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The Power of ‘Red’ in Interior Design

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I thought that I would share with you what the color of love means for interior design!

Red is the color that represents Valentine’s Day because of the passion and feeling that it evokes. Red has both sentimental and fiery representation.

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President’s Day Weekend in Miami is Getting Started

As you may know from reading my blog, I am a true enthusiast of the culture and arts in Miami. This city is booming with all types of amazing events for everyone to take part in.

In the world of high end interior design it is important to be aware of the luxurious and enriching activities around you.

I know some of you are getting Monday off so I have listed some of the many great events that are happening this weekend in Miami.

Grab your family and friends and check out these activities!
Happening February 12-16, 2015.
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Top 4 Interior Design Trends For 2015

Today I am going to share with you how to invite these top 4 looks of 2015 into your home.

There are so many different interior design trend forecasts for this year that it can be hard to figure out which ones to look at. That’s why we sorted through them for you so you only have to look at the best!

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Interview With Superstar Architect in South Florida: Vivian Bonet

On this episode of DesignTV With Steven G., we talk to one of Fort Lauderdale’s most prominent architects.

Vivian Bonet, Senior Vice President of Design and Construction of Ocean Land Investments, Inc., is a queen in the world of luxury developments. She has a few upcoming projects that she is thrilled to share with us.

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Top 3 Luxury Airport Lounges

The travel and interior design industry cross paths in numerous ways. Whether you are shopping around an airport terminal or lounging before your flight, the interiors are well thought out and designed.

I want to share with you TheDesignAir’s top 3 first class lounges in the world! These amazing sprawls will make you want to upgrade your flight right away!

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State of the Art “Climate Ribbon” Architectural innovation is Coming to Miami

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know by now that I get very excited when I come across amazing things being brought to Miami. Innovations in the world of high-end architecture and design are wondrous and meant to be shared with everyone.

Whether is it art exhibits or design events I love to share them with you. It’s a great thing I have this blog!

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Interior Decoration Inspiration of the Week: Designing like a Parisian

Taking glimpses from around the world and bringing them into your home can be a very unique and satisfying accomplishment. Today I am going to share with you some inspirational ways to add luxurious flair to your home just like a Parisian!

Paris the city of love is a famous city for many things including being a major source for cool and sophisticated interior design.

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Come One and All to Miami’s Home Design and Remodeling Show

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know by now that I love keeping my readers informed about upcoming shows in Miami.  My goal being to stimulate the mind and keep you inspired with high end interior decorating!

Good thing I’ve got this blog!

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Top 3 Cuban Sights in Miami

Today I am going to share with you my top 3 favorite Cuban places to see in Miami. Latin America has a heavy influence in the architecture and culture in Miami. This city is infused with many luxurious Cuban restaurants, buildings, and parks.

It is important to stand back and appreciate them.

These places below are definitely worth checking out. It will inspire you to add some Latin American flair to your home, the heart of Miami.

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Decoration Inspiration of the Week: Wood VS Iron

Trends in interior design come and go but today I am going to talk to you about the classiness of wood. My inspiration of the week stems from two different, yet iconic ways to furnish and stylize your home, wood being the more traditional of the two.

When decorating your home it is important to evoke who you are and what you represent. Wooden furniture is on the rise again and I am going to share some facts about this commodity with you!

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