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Interior Design vs. Interior Decoration (and Why It Matters)

The interior design and architecture magazine Freshome released a great article about what it takes to become an interior designer, high end or otherwise.

While the post seems to be written mainly for those thinking about pursuing a career in the field, it also offers a wealth of knowledge for anyone making decisions about the interiors of their own homes or offices.

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DesignTV with Steven G.: The Miami Miracle

I had the great pleasure of doing the interior decoration for the offices of Miami real estate giants Decorus Realty. In addition their great talent, Decorus had the foresight to launch right before one of the quickest economic turnarounds in history.

Naturally, we had to bring in their founders, Gabriel Markovitch and David Koster, to give their thoughts on why Miami so quickly rebounded to once again become the country's foremost real estate and high end interior design market.

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Miami Interior Designers of the Future

Nothing makes me more excited that encountering talented young people who are studying interior design or interior decoration. Whenever I can, I try to mentor up and coming interior design students, here in Miami and wherever else I can.

So you can imagine how impressed I was by Nelson Figuero, the 26 year old who won the first lighting design competition sponsored by South Florida's Farrey's Lighting & Bath.

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High End Interior Design: What's Often Overlooked

You've heard us mention Slim Paley lots of times before. She's one of my favorite high end interior design bloggers and a woman of impeccable taste.

One of her most recent posts is short, sweet, and simple…and that's why I'm writing about it today. It's about flowers. That's right, the simplest of all things. But in Slim's eyes and hands, they can be more powerful than the most extensive interior decoration overhaul.

With all the glitz, glamour, hustle, and bustle of the Miami scene, it can be easy to forget what we really mean when we say quality high end interior design.

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High End Realtor Tells Us the Real Reasons For Miami's Rapid Growth

There is no professional relationship more intimate than the one between a high end interior designer and a high end realtor. 

One finds the perfect location for a client to live and the other turns it into the perfect home.

That's why we're so pleased to have with us today Miami's Michael Internoscia. He is the rarest form of real estate professional -- one who creates through the deals he puts together.

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Miami Interior Design Showroom Announcement

Not too long ago we brought you the news that we were opening up our new high end interior design, decoration, and furniture showroom in Sunny Isles…a luxurious sliver of Miami Beach.

We're proud to say the place has been a hit. In fact, you've all responded so wonderfully to the new location, that we're making it our home base in Miami.

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