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Top 3 Best Cuban Sights in Miami

Today I am going to share with you my top 3 favorite Cuban places to see in Miami. Latin America has a heavy influence in the architecture and culture in Miami. This city is infused with many luxurious Cuban restaurants, buildings, and parks.

It is important to stand back and appreciate them.

These places below are definitely worth checking out. It will inspire you to add some Latin American flair to your home, the heart of Miami.

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Decoration Inspiration of the Week: Wood VS Iron

Trends in interior design come and go but today I am going to talk to you about the classiness of wood. My inspiration of the week stems from two different, yet iconic ways to furnish and stylize your home, wood being the more traditional of the two.

When decorating your home it is important to evoke who you are and what you represent. Wooden furniture is on the rise again and I am going to share some facts about this commodity with you!

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New York Highline May Be Coming to South Florida

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know by now that I get very excited when I come across new infrastructures being built in Miami. Architecture and design is vital to South Florida.

Luxury Interior Design and Real Estate are two major industries that thrive off of location and surroundings.

I would love to share with you this ‘Underline’ park that should be coming to Miami in the near future!

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Decoration Inspiration of the Week: Feathers

Feathers! What comes to mind when you think of this natural element? Birds gracefully flying in the sky, unique patterns and colors, a forest dusted with morning dew?

 Feathers are a unique natural symbol that can bring tranquility and nature into your home. They are yet another design trend of 2015.

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It’s Art Deco Weekend in Miami Beach!

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know by now that I get very excited when I come across events in Miami, especially regarding arts and culture.  It’s a New Year and time to celebrate the great architecture, design, music, and arts, here in Miami.

Whether its interior design accessories that I love or local events devoted to sharing my adoration for this city, I will be here to share it with you!

Good thing I’ve got this blog!

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Decoration Inspiration of the Week: The Pantone Color of the Year is Marsala

Introducing Marsala! Use this tasteful hue as a muse for 2015. This naturally robust and earthy wine red can help stimulate a warmth and stability within your home.

Marsala enriches the mind, body, and soul with its elegance and refinement. It can be used to enhance any room whether being a marsala colored center piece on your dining room table, or the walls in your foyer.

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Miami Interior Design Reveals: NEST Gallery

On this episode of DesignTV with Steven G., we talk to one of Bal Harbour’s most sophisticated managing director, Monica Pinzoni, of the NEST Gallery.

Monica is a queen in the world of luxurious home accessories. She has some amazing pieces from the NEST gallery that she would love to show to us.

So I invited her down to the showroom to talk to us.

I think you’re going to really enjoy it.

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YoungArts Foundation of Miami is Molding the Minds of Our Young Interior Designers

Here in Miami we love to watch our young aspiring interior designers learn and grow! We are fortunate enough to have the YoungArts Foundation in our community.

I am so proud to say that so much of our youth out there are beyond passionate about the profession of interior design! Thankfully we have the wonderful YoungArts Foundation that selects the most elite young candidates to be a part of this exceptional program. 

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Interior Decoration Inspiration of the Week: Venus Williams

This professional tennis star shows off her style not only on the court, but also in your home! Venus Williams is my inspiration of the week!

This talented athlete has always had a passion for design, which is reflective in her work. She is a wonderful addition to South Florida’s luxury interior designer circuit.

For over a decade one of the greatest tennis players of all time has been quietly running her own
interior design firm near her home in South Florida. This Williams sister has made her another one of her dreams come to full fruition. 

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5 New Art Exhibitions to Go See this Winter in Miami

There are so many galleries emerging in the Miami art scene it can be hard to choose which ones to visit. We have narrowed down the top 5 exhibits for you to check out this season!  

Spending your leisure time exploring new exhibits will spark creativity in your work. The visual arts will help inspire you to create a unique aesthetic to any room. These new art shows will get you excited about collaborating and designing a space.

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High End Interior Design Gets Brazilian

As you know, we here at Interiors by Steven G. adore all things Brazilian -- from the culture to the clients. That's why when we hear about high end interior design news from South America's largest nation, we have to bring it to you.

So imagine our pleasure when we found out about this 1,200 square meter palace specifically designed to let cool air naturally flow through it. A perfect place for the tropics. 

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A High End Interior Show Enters Its Second Year

Back at the beginning of 2014, I had an idea. There are so many people out there interested in big end interior design but never get to see how the process really happens. Sure, there are great home improvements shows on HDTV and the like, but those are more for the Do-It-Yourselfers.

What I decided I wanted to do was create a series showing people how the most luxurious high end interior design and decoration projects come to life.

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And to All a Good Night

Xmas memories.gif

We spend a lot of time here talking about the details of luxury interior design. Patterns. Materials. Colors. Furniture

And so on.

With all that attention to the separate parts, it can sometimes become easy to forget about the whole. 

It comes down to this: A home is a place where memories happen. If your interior decoration choices help make those memories warmer, you've succeeded.

So if you're spending the holidays at home this year, make sure to kiss the ones you love and tuck them in tight.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Chanukah!  

Happy Holidays!

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