Yes, you guessed it; famed pop star from the 80’s Lionel Richie has launched his very own line of tableware products. We see more and more celebrities turning there pet projects and passion for interior design a reality, such as Venus Williams, Ellen DeGeneres and even Kate Moss.

The Lionel Richie Home Collection is the latest celebrity addition to the interiors of kitchens everywhere. Lionel Richie’s collection consists of barware, glassware, dinnerware, and other tabletop items. Richie described his design aesthetic as “classic contemporary” and he is looking to make a statement.

Home design has always been a passion of his and he has been excited about the idea of building a home collection for years. Now it will be interesting to see his dreams come into fruition.

Richie is looking to target the hospitality industry with more youthful and colorful designs.

Who would have known that America’s loveliest vocalists had such an eye and appreciation of design!