The worst part about starting a new interior design project is managing your budget. Functional yet beautiful spaces are not easy to create. When self-designing your home here are a few tips to get you that stylish look with out breaking the bank!

Create a wish list. When budgeting for your home it’s always beneficial to create a list of your top priorities for home makeover. There are many places to find inspiration and start building your wish list! Once you have your list, start to narrow down your top interior items and then you can see what is most affordable for you.

Shop around and compare. Once you know what items or furniture you are getting it is best to look in multiple places to compare price, quality, and even delivery options. Select stores offer a buy online, shop in store option so you can shop for your items and choose a location to pick-up them up! This is a great option that will help you save on shipping!

Build a balance. Building a balance in your space is very important and determines what types of items you need. Sometimes all is takes is a statement piece to set the tone for a room. These investment pieces can qualify as a prominent cushion headboard in your bedroom or a rustic wood table in your living room. There are always the opportunities to hunt for pieces that will make your space unique and start a conversation. You can search within flea markets, antique shops, or even a neighborhood garage sale! Get these hidden gems for a fraction of the cost!