This week’s inspiration is all about the art of the lamp. There are so many types of lamps to choose from, all with unique styles, shapes, and sizes. From chandeliers to creative floor lamps everyone needs light, so why not have amazing options to choose from!

Check out our top picks from Lamp Plus’s trend forecast.

All about that LED
LED lights have always been considered high tech and energy efficient and finally they are being fully utilized. Their small size allows for integration in a variety of forms, shapes, and surfaces. This allows new lamp products to be more stylish, sleek and beautiful as well as functional. This brings lamps the perfect modern blend of efficiency without aesthetic compromise.

Mixed Finish and Matte Black
2016 will be a year that will allow interior designers to experiment with contrast and space. Matte, polished, and brushed finishes create texture and dynamic design. Matte black is truly popular this year with high contrasting tones such as graphite and ultra-white.

Brass and Gold
As metallic finishes remain a trend we are seeing more vintage brass finishes step into the design spotlight. This new design gives decor a warm and soft appearance. Warm gold finishes have come to outshine silvers.