The art scene in Miami is extremely diverse, and thanks to our eclectic community, Miami has become a world-class art destination! There are places all over Dade County with amazing art that you would never expect to stumble upon. Here are my top 3 picks of places around Miami where you can find some unexpected great art.


Klima, South Beach
When visitors come to this restaurant they admire the art on the walls just as much as the exquisite food on their plates! Two of the more notable pieces are “Tel Aviv Man XVI” by Jaume Plensa, sculpted by carved metal letters to resemble the silhouette of a human-like figure. And a painting of a Spanish bullfighter, entitled “Matador” by Miguel Macaya. These works are a beauty to see in person.


Little Haiti Soccer Park, Little Haiti
This soccer park in Little Haiti has got murals even bigger than the Wynwood Walls. What makes this park so special is that Pinnacle Housing has teamed with residents and artists from Haiti and Miami to create a true cultural urban gallery. A portion of the walls is scheduled for local graffiti artists who will now have a legal place to display their art.


West Dade Solid Transfer Station, Westchester
This art spot is a bit strange but outside of this trash mountain lies a vibrant, 7ft sculpture from Karel Appel that’ll at least give you something nice to look at while you dispose of whatever is it your are throwing out.