There are always tons of things to do in Miami this weekend it can be hard to choose, so that is why we are here to help! Be sure to have some fun this summer and check out what is coming to Miami below!

Get into a prime pool party!
If you are looking for a party in Miami and need to beat the heat, you must try out a hotel pool, like Hyde Beach or the Fontainebleau. Get your tan on and enjoy a refreshing beverage this weekend!

Eat some amazing foods at Miami Spice
Miami’s top restaurants offer multi-course, prix fixe menus for $23 at lunch, $39 at dinner. Starting in August, it’s the fabulous time of year when Miami’s most expensive restaurants have prix-fixe lunch and dinner menus that are affordable.

Hop on a bike!
Rent a Citi Bike or take your own and enjoy the sights by pedal. Cruise down Ocean Drive, Shark Valley, Virginia Beach, or at any of Miami’s great parks!