For those of you who have set sail this summer may be falling in love with your time at sea. Luckily for you there are many ways to twist your ocean emotions and develop an interior design concept from it! Here are a few ways you can incorporate this nautical nature in your home.

Mounted Maps
Add a framed map to your gallery wall that portrays where you have travels or where you are looking to travel next.

Sea Glass
Adding a touch if these tiles will make your bathtub feel like a refreshing dip in the pool. Ribbon glass tiles around the bathroom walls will up your lux status.

Whimsical Lighting
There are many different forms of light you can bring into a room whether it’s a floor lamp or just natural light. Try finding an antique crystal chandelier out to add wonder to your dining room.

Coordinated Colors
Blue and white makes the perfect summery living room. Use indigo fabric on your sofa and add some navy throw pillows to match! Check out these great pillows from Ralph Lauren.

Studded Upholstery
Nail heads add spark to an upholstered headboard or the lining of any of your furniture. You can use studs in many different ways as you can see here on these blue-and-white embroidered pillows by Dransfield & Ross. Also look at this luxurious blue cashmere throw by Hermès.