As you know, there are so many ways you can get inspired when it comes to high end interior design. We’ve brought to you many inspirations these past few weeks, like how to cheer up a room using pastels, or adding creative accent chairs and floor lamps.

Today we are going to inspire you with mirrors and the many decorating possibilities they bring that can enchant your home.

Mirrors are not just a home accessory, but also a home necessity. Everyone needs to put him or herself together in the morning to start off their day on the right foot. This companion of a home accessory is completely underused and under appreciated.

No one can object to the harmless and affordable mirror as a style attribute to a room.

When mirrors are placed in the right spaces they can help illuminate a dark room, make bland areas look brighter, and small ones seem bigger.

Mirrors can ignite the brilliance of a wonderful view and even take away attention from a not so glorious one. The mirror will add allure with out being kitschy.

As you can see there are many charms you can claim from the possession of mirrors.