Texture when designing a room can be overlooked, however it has the power to set the tone for the overall mood of a room. If you have every stepped into a room for the first time and felt it was warm and inviting, texture is the reason!

In interior design, textures are either visual or tactile. Visual textures appeal to the eyes and are usually noticed on first glance. In contrast, tactile textures require a closer look and need to be touched to be appreciated.

Here are some major tips when decorating with texture!

Accentuate Contrast
Usually texture is crafted by changing the surfaces of furnishings that provide either a visual or tactile appeal. The most obvious application of implementing texture is through the selection and use of textiles. All fabrics look and feel totally different. You can create a visual and tactile interest with fabric, which can accentuate or balance the other elements in the environment.

All About Balance
Texture in a room needs to balance out. An example of unbalanced texture is pairing a shag-type rug with a leather sofa. You typically wouldn’t want combine 2 high textured fabrics. If you go the monochromatic color scheme in your home design, texture helps create depth in the environment. Try adding soft texture with faux fur rugs.

From the Ground Up
Of course the best place to start playing with texture in your home is right under your feet! Floors can be worked with many typed if textures such as tile, stone, wood, carpet and concrete. These textures all create their own unique style to a home. Choosing a rug for you floors is a way to find balance in the room by pairing 2 different textures.

Layer Over Neutrals
When you start of your home in neutrals and are excited to make it more interesting texture is the way to do it. Try adding texture to your neutral landscape with animal hides, fur throws, and leather. These textured fabrics will add another layer to neutrals. Try adding dimension with wood grain, textured wallpaper, metal and tile. Combining these textures can create a truly delightful space.