Among the midst of our home designing pillage, we must take a step back and reflect on all of our interior choices. There are of course many challenges involved with creating a space. Sometimes there are internal struggles with partners and sometimes it is what your budget allows.

Today I am going to share with you the top 3 most common decorating mistakes and enable you to avoid these obstacles.

Whether it is advice on paint colors, or rug size, Steven G is always here to help your high-end interior design needs!

Choosing that Bright Yellow Couch
Bright and bold colors can be very harmonious when decorating a space as long as they have reason and purpose. If you are to choose a bright colored sofa you may want to reconsider based on the ebb and flow of the rest of the room.

If you did pick that banana colored couch you are now forcing the room to always carry this loud aesthetic, which takes away from any diversification in the future.

However if you choose a subdued colored couch you’ll have the ability to interchange different colored home accessories such as blankets and throw pillows. You can re-arrange and stylize the room over the years without being stuck to one look. So go neutral when sofa shopping!

Not Testing Out Paints Before Your Purchase
You simply cannot just purchase your favorite color you see at the store! This is because every color can look differently in any room. This is due to many natural lighting causes.

I recommend testing the colors beforehand. Test out various swatches on different walls and compare how they look under certain light. You will be much happier with your color choice when you see the best-suited color based on the wall.

Rushing Your Decorating
You do not have to finish your entire home decorating at once! Rushing will not bring you your dream home. After living in the space for a while, certain design issues begin to surface. You may notice that your curtains do not block enough light or that the guest bedroom should be moved. Your home will evolve and grow with your needs and surroundings.

You want to make sure you do your research to avoid design mistakes! You have already made the right choice by reading this blog!