For those of you with children packing up and moving on to college, I’m sure you get flashbacks of those tiny freshman dorm rooms. This amazing story shows how a mom helped her daughter create the most fabulous dorm room on campus for her and her roommate!

Ashley Grant is not just a super mom, but also a fabulous interior designer. She finished helping her daughter move into her dorm room at Ole Miss this month and transformed her room completely. The room reflects Grant’s style of using neutral colors, adding interest with texture and a bit of gray. A fluffy faux fur rug covers tan linoleum tiles, and a bamboo shade and attractive curtains cover the utilitarian window.

Dorm room design trends have become the trendiest to hit college campuses!
It’s not unusual to see fancy dorm room photos and some designers have been specializing in the trend.

The dorm room is getting a lot of traction. See “Ritz Carlton or College Dorm Room? You Tell Us”, showcasing photos of several pumped-up dorm rooms, including Grant’s, and Inspire Me Home Decor posted Grant’s photos on Instagram. Domino magazine found inspiration in the sophisticated room as well!

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