We have shared with you many tips on designing your first apartment, decorating the bedroom as a couple, and general tips for couples decorating their first home together. Today I am going to share some advice for those couples who are coming from previous homes and blending them into one!

Shop Together
When you purchase new home pieces together, a couple creates a shared décor and can really make a place feel like home for the both of them. From furniture to home accessories and artwork, all types of home décor count, and are important to buy together. Start fresh and sell all your old furniture and allow a budget for the new!

Claim Your Favorites
Each individual must have treasured pieces of furniture or art that they can’t live without. Partners should agree upon keeping a few pieces each in their shared home. If there is one piece that you really can’t stand, find a solution and give that piece an upgrade!

Work With The Contrast
One your favorite items are chosen start with a clean slate and give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Rather than trying to group items that are similar, experiment with pairing those that contrast. Contrast can be the most interesting part of decor. This creative mix of styles can create something truly special for the couple.

Try New Locations
Once you have finalized most of your furniture and home accessories you should consider placing things in rooms where they’ve never been. Embrace these new locations for your precious items and they will feel restored and innovative!