What a lot of people don’t realize is that Miami is so much more that our beautiful beaches and our glamorous nightlife. The city is filled with historical architecture and a huge art community.

Miami is the land of high-end interior design merging with fine arts. This melting pot of cultures infuses the city with great food and spirit.

For an assortment of unique cuisine you can hit up Lincoln Road for an interesting bite! Check out SushiSamba for a blend of Brazilian, Peruvian, and Japanese Fusion. This restaurant also has other locations all over the world. Try the sea bass skewers or the crispy taquitos.

If you are trying to soak in the sight then take a tour with the Miami Preservation League. This tour group will guide you on a magnificent walking tour for about 2 hours indulging in all the fabulous art deco buildings and features the city has.

If you are look for some sporadic fun later then hit up Nikki Beach for the ultimate beach party. Sit poolside on a beach bed and sip champagne embracing Miami. This luxury international venue will make you feel glamorous as you eat, drink, and sunbathe with the music pumping and the crowd dancing.

Now get out there fun weekend and we’ll see you next week!