Today’s blog post is for all those new parents our there expecting a baby. There is always so much anticipation when bringing on a new family member into you life as well as filling a new space!

Decorating for kids can be very demanding so you want to start if off on the right foot!

Your baby’s nursery is a very important space in your home where your child will be nurtured and their mother will spend plenty of time in. When it comes to decorating you shouldn’t over look it.

See these helpful inspirations below to create and design your new baby’s nursery.

Simple Storage – get rid of your closet doors! Once your newborn enters the world they will be gathering as many toys and clothes that you can fathom. Open top storage is the best way to group up toys and having and open closet will allow easy access. You will always be grabbing at items for you changing table or putting on new onesies, why not have them on the ready!

Cozy and Cohesive Color Scheme – You want to create a warm and joyful environment to welcome in your youngster. Warm them up with a plush area rug. Underneath it you can run a foam pad to make it even softer to play on. When thinking of your color scheme I always would apply gender-neutral tones. Think soft eggshell with hints of various color sprinkled around the room most likely from the toys. For inspiration for a color scheme choose one memento or piece of artwork that you want to include in the nursery. This can help you decide your scheme!

Playful Walls – If a more playful and bright environment is what you are going for that you can always base your scheme off of amazing contemporary wallpaper. This can take your child’s room to the next level of fun and quirkiness.