I was once friendly with a man who was very handsome, fit, and had a larger than life personality. He could make anyone laugh at the worst of times. I started to date him. Sadly,  soon after, he received a diagnosis that he had Stage 4 lung cancer.

His prognosis was bad. After watching him deteriorate from Chemo and radiation treatments I was determined to convince him to get off the conventional medical treatments and try macrobiotics.

I had read so many things about how people survived the worst of diagnoses and lived long, quality lives. I took off to the Kushi institute in Massachusetts. He was too ill to come along. I went through the program and was convinced further that macrobiotics was the answer. Not only for him but for myself as well.

Macrobiotics has improved my health and my personal and professional life in so many ways. Furthermore, it has improved my technique as an high end interior designer. I use the two principles of Yin and Yang to create quality interior designs (similar to the principles of Feng Shui). In fact, you could say Macrobiotics is Feng Shui for the body.

Macrobiotics incorporate an ever-moving relationship between opposites but complementary energies of Yin and Yang. The idea is to balance the energies— hard with soft, opening with contracting, expansive with inward.

The translation into quality interior design is quite easy: Balance the Light/dark, large/ small space, big prints/small prints. Once you understand the balance of the energy of all things, it will become easier to make decisions for yourself.

When we balance our bodies with the correct foods our whole life improves. We become more balanced human beings, not needing so many conventional medications. Our thought process changes. We are not so hostile as a result of not feeling well (many of us don’t even recognize that we are not feeling well).

A more balanced, healthy society is a more peaceful society. It’s a more compassionate and loving society…less greedy and needy for things that do not serve us.

The same holds true for your environment, of which quality interior design is a part. Every item in a room, every line, should relate to each other in a balanced way.


Toxic food can lead to disease. Look around at all the cancer and newly labeled disorders we are giving our children and ourselves. Not to mention, the needless medications that are being prescribed.  This should be proof enough that something is not right. Most turn a blind eye.

A healthy, well balanced environment leads a good, long life.The same is true for your home environment. Clutter and poor lines lead to clogged energy flow, which leads to unhappiness and disharmony. When thinking about your home design, keep in mind the Yin and Yang principles.

Allow air to flow freely through the space. Plenty of fresh flowers and real plants help clean the air you breath with in your home. Balance your space so there is not too much of any one color. Use a well-balanced assortment of furniture.

We don’t need to fill every corner or wall. It’s OK to have free space. Let the positive energy flow through your home. Travel and collect things you love. Place the love in your home.Trust me, the colors do not have to match. Where there is love in an environment there is no room for toxic, negative, sick energy.

Wake up world, a new light is dawning. Like our bodies, when thinking about making quality interior design decisions, beauty can be important, but it’s the heath and well being of our homes that make the most difference.

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