Miami is filled with so many marvelous spectacles it is hard to sum it all up. Luckily you have us to do it for you! Between the clubs, beaches, and endless weekends on the water, Miami is the city where luxury meets design.

See the top 5 most instagrammed places in Miami!

  1. Wynwood Walls
    The most interesting and thought-provoking art is all over Miami. Luckily you can see a lot of it all in one place!
  2. AmericanAirlines Arena
    Sports are the heartbeat here in Miami. Of course the fans parade to the stadium when watching the starts on the court.
  3. Miami International Airport
    There’s only one way in and it’s an architecturally sound place to start.
  4. Marlins Park
    A classic staple of Miami always there to capture.
  5. Fontainebleau Hotel
    One of the most fabulous resorts on the beach! Everyone needs to check this place out when in Miami.

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