Every room in your home has an elemental purpose. Each room needs equal attention if you want to exude luxury in your interior design. The smallest room in your home needs just as much vigilance as the biggest. One of the rooms you spend plenty of time in, prepping for a party or every morning to brush your teeth, the bathroom one of the most important environments in the home. Keeping it spotless and topping it off with a fresh design is essential to a happy home.

Just because the bathroom is a the room in the house that serves a not so glamorous purpose doesn’t mean it has to look boring! With a few little changes you can turn it into a stylish room. Start your morning with a bright and warm room while it also calms you down for a good night sleep.

Check out some great interior design ideas to give your bathroom a facelift!

Bench and rain showerhead:
If you want to shower in pure bliss and peacefulness then why not take a seat and let the rain pour over you. No shower has ever felt so good with a rain showerhead. The Kohler round showerhead mixes technology and luxury to create a contemporary and elegant bathroom necessity. Getting to sit on a bench while you shower just tops off your showering experience.

Built in storage:
A sparkling and organized bathroom can be life changing. Why not have it all with storage components built into your wall! These modern storage features are not only bringing functionality to your bathroom but a bold style. Picture it now; your walls become your storage space, saving space while saving time to find what you need in hurry.

Freestanding bathtub:
A traditionally and classic look for your bathroom is the freestanding bathtub. Picture your new tub taking center stage in your bathroom creating a space that is uniquely yours. This look exudes luxury and can set you apart from other homeowners.

Vessel sink:
The vessel sink is a sink stripped down to its most basic elements: a spout and a washbasin. This unique look adds character and modern flair to you bathroom. You can see some great options and styles here.

Define you bathroom with tiles…
Go exotic with bold and beautiful Arabesque ceramic tile. This would give you bathroom confidence and refinement. Go modern with innovative geometric tiles. This will look sleek and futuristic in such a small space.

Add a splash of colors and patterns…
Especially when you have an all white and crisp bathroom color and pattern can really go a long way. You can add these bright colors and patterns within your bathroom accessories such as your towels for example! Test out the Chromatropic pattern trend here!

Accessorize with luxury…
You can find affordable Egyptian cotton towels that will give your bathroom that high-end flair with out breaking the bank.

Glam Lights
Make more of a statement in your bathroom and get rid of the industrial fluorescent overhead light! Look for a unique and artistic light fixture and add some LED bulbs and you are on your way! Now you can glam up your bathroom with a stand out piece.

Punchy Wallpaper
Making an easy and affordable change is simple with this trick. Pick out patterns that pops and you can completely transform your bathroom. You can base the whole style of the room with the wallpaper and wont need any additional artwork! Have you visitors be spellbound when stepping into the room.

Smarter Storage
If you are short on storage in your bathroom, and your linen cabinet is overflowing, try adding a bracketed shelf above the sink made of glass. This will add a ledge for toiletries. You can also install shelves with doors that sit above the back of your toilet. This is a discreet and quick storage fix.

As you can see there are various ways to rejuvenate this room and keep it high end and fresh. Make sure to look into every design element in your home.