See these home take-a-ways from this great Vogue article, “20 Things Every 20-Something Needs in Their First Home”.  When you are young and getting to decorate your own space for the first time finding your design style can be hard.

Take advantage of some advice from some of the most learned designers out there!

A good Dutch oven from a brand like Le Creuset. You can cook everything in one of these—spaghetti sauces, risottos, stir-fry—or even a roasted chicken! It also looks great on the table when serving family style.”
—Kate Arends, Wit & Delight

Good bedding, like Restoration Hardware’s linen sheets, and a butterfly chair—which is iconic and movable. Also, most rentals are a horrible shade of institutional beige. A fresh coat of white paint—and halogen light bulbs—are game-changers.
—Patrick Mele, interior designer

“A wine glass set. Gone are the days where mismatched glasses are okay. Skip using the decanter for alcohol and fill it with your mixers instead. Nothing looks worse than juice cartons on your bar. Also, an amazing candle is one of the best affordable luxuries you can get for your home. Remember that good environments tap into each of the senses, and scent is always key.”
—Alex Reid, head designer of The Studio at One Kings Lane

Get one good piece of furniture every year. My first decent purchase was a Barcelona coffee table—it made all my hand-me-downs look better.
—Emily Summers, interior designer