If you happen to be traveling to California any time soon and are in need of some design inspiration, check these places out!


Petersen Automotive Museum
This museum originally opened in 1962 as Seibu, a Japanese store. Today the only Japanese things you’ll find in here are some of the cars, including 2001 Honda S2000 driven in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. This museum recently underwent a huge renovation and is now bright red with 300-plus steel ribbon sections wrapping around the building. Inside you’ll find rotating displays organized by history, industry, and artistry. They have some beautiful cars in storage.


Ace Hotel
This boutique hotel brand really knows how to preserve old spaces when creating a lodging. The LA outpost is located in the Gothic-influenced, nearly century-old United Artists building. They’ve even restored a theater from the 1920s that looks like a Moroccan cave; its vaulted ceiling is covered in thousands of tiny mirrors that make it truly shine!


Walt Disney Concert Hall
While being almost acoustically perfect, the hall itself is an impressive sight to see. Architect Frank Gehr designed this Concert Hall. The warm fir-and-cedar auditorium contrasts with the concert hall’s gravity-defying metallic exterior. The 3.6-acre complex includes a community garden on the third level that you can visit for free.