Nelson Figuero – Up and Coming Interior Design Student

  • Nothing makes me more excited than encountering talented young people who are studying interior design or interior decoration. Whenever I can, I try to mentor up and coming interior design students, here in Miami and wherever else I can. So you can imagine how impressed I was by Nelson Figuero, the 26 year old who won the first lighting design competition sponsored by South Florida’s Farrey’s Lighting & Bath. A Honduran immigrant, this Miami designer poured his heart and soul into the project, taking his inspiration from an…iceberg.

    Congratulations Nelson…we expect big things from you!

Sasha Bikoff – A New High End Design Talent to Keep an Eye On

  • Whenever I come across remarkably high quality interior design, I like to share it with everyone I know. And for those of you who have been reading for a while, you know that my philosophy on the best high end interior designers is that they are able to draw out what’s in someone’s heart and soul and turn it into the perfect environment for them.That’s what high end interior designer Sasha Bikoff recently did for her client, an Iranian ballet star. This 25-year old talent used color, pop culture reference, and furniture choices to reflect the energy and creativity of the artist she worked for. That’s why she’s going to be a high end interior design talent to keep an eye on!

Isabelle Peribere  – Another Talented Designer Hits the Miami Scene

  • After you’ve been somewhere like Miami for 30 years, it’s exciting to see everyone else discovering it. That’s one of the reasons I loved finding out about the work of Isabelle Peribere, the former executive who is now trying her hand at high end interior design.Her new interior design firm does most of its work in Miami and New York. One of her more recent high profile jobs is a collaboration with renowned architect Max Strang on a modernist home that sits right on Biscayne Bay.You know how we feel about taking your influences from wherever you find them. So if you’re in the process of making your own interior decoration decisions, be sure to take a look at the work of Isabelle Peribere for inspiration.

Cassandra Stanley – An Interior Design Prodigy

  • As you probably know by now, we love to highlight young interior designers who do amazing things, whether they’re in Miami or elsewhere. In Kansas City recently, interior design student Cassandra Stanley won the International Interior Design Association’s Design Wars competition for the second year in a row. Virtually unheard of!

    Congratulations to Ms. Stanley — we can’t wait to see what comes next!