Over the past decade South Florida has been booming in the luxury and design industries. So many new development projects have been started such as the Miami Beach Convention Center Hotel and Tower 155.

These businesses reflect the local economy very positively and keep it growing at a rapid pace.

I am excited to announce the expansion of the Miami Design District. Developers are projecting to double the size of this neighborhood, adding an abundance of luxury shops and trendy restaurants.

This growing retail and restaurant commerce will double the amount of tourism in Miami as well. A total of 60 stores and restaurants are set to open by mid-2017. This is on top of the 70 already existing.

Some of the talked about brands that will be joining the Design District are Dolce & Gabbana and ABC Kitchen. A lot of the current stores such as Prada and Christian Louboutin will be developing large flagship stores.

This growth spur in Miami truly makes this city a destination for shoppers and lovers of fine taste and I am a proud to be a resident!