This professional tennis star shows off her style not only on the court, but also in your home! Venus Williams is my inspiration of the week!

This talented athlete has always had a passion for design, which is reflected by her work. She is a wonderful addition to South Florida’s luxury interior designer circuit.

For over a decade one of the greatest tennis players of all time has been quietly running her own interior design firm near her home in South Florida. This Williams sister has made her yet another one of her dreams come to full fruition.

It takes a lot of stamina to juggle being a world-renowned athlete and an interior designer in one of the biggest interior design cities in the world!

Williams’s travel around the world has majorly impacted her design style. Her team of high-end interior designers has taken on projects such as homes for the stars as well as luxury development buildings within Florida. She is always in contact with her team when she is on the road to tournaments, the true sign of a team player.

It is astounding when talent flourishes and if you can dream it you can do it! You can read more about Venus Williams upcoming charity projects incorporating interior design here. It is truly inspiring to see someone of such influence giving back to our home here in Miami.