As you already know I am a huge admirer of the fine arts and I am always looking for the best art exhibits to see!

If any of you are headed to New York City this spring be sure to check out Yayoi Kusama – Give Me Love exhibit at the David Zwirner Gallery.

Kusama’s Give me love exhibit features a room full of boisterous pumpkin shaped sculptures, a gallery filled with grand abstract and colorful works on canvas, and last but not least the Obliteration Room.

Through our all of her works she expresses herself with her trademark dots. In the Obliteration Room she has installed and actual trailer with a kitchen and dining room with everything completely covered in white. From the dog bed on the floor to the kitchen sink, everything has been covered in white paint.

Visitors are allowed to walk through the house and upon enter gets a sheet of sticker dots in various neon colors. You then explore the interiors of the house and can sporadically place these sticker dots wherever you please.

This unique exhibit allows views to engage with the art and express themselves through the interior space.

Now this very white room has been covered with this sticker dots. Be sure to stick some yourself and add to this heap of rainbow bewilderment.

This spectacular exhibit closes June 13th so be sure to interact with it soon!

The David Zwirner Gallery is located on 519 & 525 W19th St. NY, NY, 10011.