If you have been to NYC you must have taken a visit to the Highline Park in Chelsea. Such a wonderful place on the west side of the city to take a stroll! Lucky for us that same designer, James Ramsey ofRaad Studio, is bringing the Underline Park to Miami!

Though the park wouldn’t be up for a few years, take a look at some of the many exciting features to look forward to announced by Forbes article!

– A small outdoor amphitheater called Rain Garden will be a new spot for performances.

– Ribbon Rink, a winding concrete environment for families and kids (think skateboards, bikes and scooters).

– A new facade for University Station including a freestanding solar panel that provides power to the plaza.

– Brickell Backyard—a series of park-like “rooms” for commuters that are tied together by features like oolite bedrock formed into benches, outcrops and seatwalls (it also just received a hefty donation of $600,000 from Swire Properties!). “The Underline will provide Miamians a sense of place and community,” said Clare Laverty, AVP of Marketing and Public Relations, Swire Properties Inc. “This is why Swire is so passionate about the project and decided to support its growth. As the developers behind Brickell City Centre, it has always been our vision to create connectivity and an urban lifestyle for the Brickell neighborhood.”

Read about even more park features here.