The month of April is perfect time for spring inspirations to flutter around your home. This time of year many of you may have been coloring those Easter eggs or enjoying holiday candies. Pastels are surrounding us this month and are always a buzzing trend in fashion and high-end interior design.

Today I am going to share with you how to bring this pastel inspiration inside your home. There are many types of ways you can add these colors and I am going to give you the advice you need to suit your individual home style.

A little can go a long way
Choosing one iconic pastel color for your home will stand out in an effective way. You want to avoid adding too many different shades of pastels so that you do not overload your home with that Easter egg feel.

Robin’s Egg Blue is one classic and timeless color that can be used as a neutral. Add this dash of pastel in your home on a throw pillow or a lampshade for a spectacular affect.

Shop Carefully
We don’t want everyone room in your home to look like a baby’s room so make sure you test out your pastel shades before purchasing. Be weary of the names of colors as they can be misleading.

Make sure to look at multiple variations of your favorite pastel. Some come off a bit grayer and pale while some are more saturated and loud.

Be mindful of your light
Natural light in a room will always depict how a paint color appears on your walls. Often enough if you have west-facing windows the light can bring a redder hue to your walls, while east-facing windows will bring in out the cooler tones.

Try to avoid the corresponding pastels to the direction of the light. Using this pointer will avoid natural light creating any unwanted effects on your pastel walls.