As you know, I’ve become a bit of a techie ever since starting this blogging thing. It turns out there’s a whole universe of interactive websites and apps designed specifically for the high end interior design world.

Of course, the biggest and best is, and it is truly wonderful. If you’re one of the few people interested in interior design and decoration who hasn’t checked it out, go there before reading any further.

But Houzz is just the beginning. In an earlier post, I talked about Milkster, an amazing site that links up artisanal furniture designers with interior designers and people decorating their homes.

Now I’ve got a new favorite app to add to the list. It’s called Mark on Call, and it lets you easily create and customize your own floor plan right from your phone or tablet (and you know how important we think good floor plans are). Plus, you can take pictures of your own furniture, floors, carpets, walls, etc…and the plan works them in to help you end up with the best design.

Extremely cool…I think you’ll be very happy when you try it out!