Luckily for us in Miami, winters aren’t something we necessarily need to prepare our home for. But for those of you who do seek refuge in your home during those long and cold months, here are some tips to keep your home cozy!

Take a look at these simple fixes that will help your home bring warmth and friendliness through the chilly season.

Add a Curtain Wall
Try hanging curtains all the way across a wall. This curtain will add visual awareness, and the bulk of material will create a cozy effect. You can buy plenty of panels to reach across a wall in any color, pattern, or style.

Include Throw Accessories
Accessories are a great way to adjust to seasonal design without fully committing. Wouldn’t you love laying in a cuddly throw on your couch? Try it today!

Darken Up Your Walls
Painting a room is a great and cost effective way to instantly transform a room. You can strengthen the cozy factor by painting your walls a dark and dramatic color. Colors ranging from charcoal gray to chocolate brown will make your space feel inviting. Adding pops of metallic or white will help keep it alive and not dreary.