They are so many articles out there telling you how to use the color white while interior decorating. There are about a million different ways the color white can influence a room.

I have read through the articles for you and discovered some of my favorite ways to use white in high end interior design.

Today I am going to show you my top 5 favorite ways using white can tie together simplicity and strength in your home.

  1. Accessorize – When using white you can add layers and layers of white accessories. This helps texturize a room and synchronize a space.
  2. Change With The Seasons – Having an all white space gives you the freedom for an easy color swap out that matches the season. In the summer replace those dark navy winter pillows for bright popping orange ones. You can also easily swap out your rug to help define the season and mood.
  3. All The Different Whites – There are various amounts of tones out there so you must be careful when choosing your white for a room. By having so many options it also allows you to distinctively identify your space based on your own personal taste. Freshen up a space with a pale blue white or a warm yellow white.
  4. White Upholstery – Try using white outdoor fabrics inside. These are washable and help add valued texture without losing the power of stain resistance.
  5. Harmonizing Powers – Older homes that have character but have also been lived in by many people before you. If you notice there is a fragmented and disjointed air to the interior then you can use white to instantly synchronize the space. The power of white gives you the freedom to start over with out forcing a daunting color scheme onto a room.