This month it was extremely unfortunate that the world lost a hero forever. David Bowie was not just a music legend, but also a fashion and design icon. He was a troubadour and a visionary when it comes to pop culture since 1960’s!

Today I am going to highlight some of Bowie’s most memorable moments in fashion and design through out the years to commemorate this star.

Pictured above as his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, Bowie’s androgynous look became a defining image of the 1970s. His face painted with a pink-and-blue lightning bolt for the Aladdin Sane album cover is also one of the most enduring images of the musician.

The shoot for the artwork was directed by Celia Philo and photographed by Brian Duffy at his studio in London’s Primrose Hill, with makeup by Pierre La Roche.


Above is one of the outfits by Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto were used during the Aladdin Sane tour. These included patterned knitted one-pieces and billowing capes, but the standout garment was the striped body suit.

The black costume’s wildly exaggerated silhouette expanded out at the legs, forming curves that were emphasized further by the pinstripes.


Many of Bowie’s iconic glam-rock looks were created for his appearances as Ziggy. Paired with his bright red mullet, the musician used face paint and makeup to exaggerate his androgyny.

During gigs and photo-shoots in 1973, a golden sun was applied to his forehead, while metallic eye shadow and bright red lipstick added to the drama.

As you can see David Bowie was shaking things up in the art world way before Lady Gaga came long. I respect his work and his music and his artistry will love on and keep inspiring more and more.