There are so many places you can find design inspiration from. It is always best to follow your gut, after reading some professional industry advice first of course. This week’s interior design inspiration is drawn from the value stone.

Stones are a popular interior design trend that is always evolving. This element brings sophistication and a natural feel to the interiors of a space. There are so many different shapes, prices, colors, and sizes it can be hard to choose!

When incorporating value stones in your home you can put them in glass or attractive container and just add water and flowers. It depends on the space your decorating but this can be a wonderfully uplifting element to a room. This simple design will leave fantastic impressions in smaller home spaces.

Make your stones unique by choosing the style and sense for both exterior and the interior of your home. Your stone choice reflects your design persona. Beauty and nature are some of the many qualities that stone decorations can bring to a space.