There comes the time in everyone’s life where they settle down with a partner or even a friend. Whether it is your first apartment or house you are decorating there are some important things you should think about before diving in.

Today I am going to share with you some advice for those new home decorators out there!

Embrace the serendipity: It is impossible to decorate your first home perfectly especially when it comes to your interiors. You will have a mix of furniture from the co-inhabitants and not all of it will match each other. You will simple have furniture with function not purpose or aesthetic. But this is exactly how it should be! You learn what you like to live with, not just what you like in a picture.

An accent wall is your best friend: You don’t have to paint the whole room. One wall is all you need to give your room that spark or pop of color. There is always a simple fix if you want to change your color scheme with a one wall paint job.

Friday is move your furniture around day: Since living in a new space can run your mind with options, you should try a new arrangement every other week! Sometimes the most unanticipated arrangements work the best. This is great way to decorate together and can be surprisingly fun!