Everyone makes mistakes, its just human nature. Even interior design professionals can overlook things. Here at Interiors by Steven G. want you to avoid design mistakes as much as possible.

Take a look at these top three common mistakes to help your interior design goals!

Remember The Importance of Lighting
Even the most beautiful room can easily be spoiled by bad lighting. Friendly spaces should be filled with soft layers of lighting at various heights, not just one harsh light source. Mirrors will always help natural light go even farther.

Don’t Blindly Follow Trends
Everyone wants their home to be current and with them times. Of course we want you to check out the latest design trends! But always remember it is important to adopt the right trends that work with your style.

Always Design With a Plan
Each room has a distinct style and purpose. Having a floor plan will cohesively hold a design theme together. To avoid chaos in your home you need to stick to your guides and it will take your décor a long way!