Trends in interior design come and go but today I am going to talk to you about the classiness of wood. My inspiration of the week stems from two different, yet iconic ways to furnish and stylize your home, wood being the more traditional of the two.

When decorating your home it is important to evoke who you are and what you represent. Wooden furniture is on the rise again and I am going to share some facts about this commodity with you!

Whether you are in Miami, New York, or Texas, wood will always be in fashion!

At first it was thought that wrought-iron furniture could have unlimited possibilities to bring panache to your home. This copper and steel look can really bring a sleek look to a room. However the luxury that superior wood brings in outstanding.

Currently there is a higher preference for long lasting and affordable wood. The benefits of wooden furniture include lending more space to a room, versatility with polished and natural looks, and longevity. Wood is definitely worth the investment!

As apposed to wrought iron that can corrode and lose sheen, quality wood will increase value with age and last a lifetime!