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We all know how daunting it can be to redesign or decorate your first home. That is why we love inspiring you with high-end interior decorating ideas every week!

There are so many amazing things you can do it can be hard to focus one single aesthetic. Today we are going to really focus and keep it simple. Check out how monochromatic inspiration can reform your home.

Monochrome is synonymous with ‘ombre’ and refers to a color scheme that uses a base color and shades, tints and hues of that color to create a cohesive finish. For example, with a blue monochromatic space you can decorate with cobalt, indigo, royal, baby and steel blue derivatives.

Here are a few great reasons to go monochrome:

  • Perfect for juxtaposing and highlighting statement pieces around the house.
  • Radiates clean, sleek minimalism with little effort.
  • Simple to plan and execute by focusing on a single color and its shades, hues and tints.
  • A monochromatic scheme can transform a messy room into a relaxing, calming and harmonious space.

When creating your palate…
Choose one single color as the base for your interior design. This is how all other colors will be determined. Too avoid any color clash you should consider your furniture and appliances before settling on a base color.

Break it up…
Contrast is key to create definition in a room. White trim or accents will give sharp contrast between your monochrome palates. A pop of a different color can make a monochrome design more effective, especially with a black, white or gray base.


So, you have decided on your next apartment or home and have Pinterest boards galore! Though it can be overwhelming, as long as you plan your move right you can build your dream home on your own budget.

It can be easy to plan dream big but a bit more challenging to stay in your budget. Since shopping for your new home can be tricky we have selected the top 6 home décor shops for the budget friendly shoppers.

  1. Etsy — This online store is a great resource for art and accessories with tons of unique products to browse.
  2. World Market — This is one of the best and cost-efficient shopping site. There are so many great items here that I can find myself spending hours just browsing for wonderful pieces to add to my warehouse of props.”
  3. Apt 2B — The L.A.-based site has great pages and tons of amazing blow out sales.
  4. H&M Home — If you are a young couple looking for the fast fashion trends than look no further.  H&M has VERY affordable and amazing home pieces. I especially love this glass vase…for only $9.95!”
  5. Urban Outfitters — In UO’s home section, you can find some surprisingly unique and hip furniture pieces.
  6. CB2 — Here you can find great kitchen essentials to fill up your kitchen all at one place.


Some celebrity homes are a true sight for sore eyes, especially if you are looking for luxurious inspiration. Today we are going to take you inside the homes of some of the worlds mega-stars and see how they express their style with their interiors.

This great article from Refinery29 has picked out there top 10 choices and I am going to share with you my top 3 takeaways!


Alicia Keys’ Indoor Pool Pavilion
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz bought their first East Coast home together in New Jersey and clearly were not messing around. This home holds 32 rooms, a movie theater, and a professional-grade recording studio! One of my favorite takeaways form their home is there lavish indoor swimming-pool pavilion. The glass-roofed structure comes outfitted in arched windows, contemporary sculptures, and an entertaining-lounge area, truly expressing the artistry of this dynamic duo.


Jay Z & Beyoncé’s NOLA Foyer
Jay Z and Beyoncé’s home in New Orleans was formerly a Presbyterian church and is now filled with decadent details like arched coffered ceilings, marble floors, and stone columns. The real showpiece of the Spanish Baroque-style estate is its entry foyer, clad with wrought-iron chandeliers, elaborate crown moldings, and antique chapel pews in place of standard seating.


Lo’s Backyard Amphitheater
Of course an idol and entertainer like Jennifer Lopez would want a stage inside her abode. Lopez’s California estate is decked out with an entire outdoor amphitheater! Along with luxuries such as a mini-golf course and a custom swimming pond, the singer counts a full-fledged performance pavilion — with surround-sound and cushioned seating for 30.


For those of you are staying in this weekend and are deciding to get crafty I have found some great ideas to add to your home. These are the best DIY art projects around the house with the usage of empty bottles.

There are many design projects your can so with empty glass bottles. You can just build a bird feeder, which can be filled once in every few days.Try placing artificial flowers in the bottle to add a bit of glamour to your room.

You can even use a simple bottle made as a basis for construction of an improvised bedside lamp. Just throw a small amount twinkle lights inside and glam it up.

Funny composition of different-sized bottles can become an organic part of the winter garden. The combination of green plants, stones and colored glass unwittingly attracts the attention of every person.

You can see even more great DIY ideas here.


For those of you with children packing up and moving on to college, I’m sure you get flashbacks of those tiny freshman dorm rooms. This amazing story shows how a mom helped her daughter create the most fabulous dorm room on campus for her and her roommate!

Ashley Grant is not just a super mom, but also a fabulous interior designer. She finished helping her daughter move into her dorm room at Ole Miss this month and transformed her room completely. The room reflects Grant’s style of using neutral colors, adding interest with texture and a bit of gray. A fluffy faux fur rug covers tan linoleum tiles, and a bamboo shade and attractive curtains cover the utilitarian window.

Dorm room design trends have become the trendiest to hit college campuses!
It’s not unusual to see fancy dorm room photos and some designers have been specializing in the trend.

The dorm room is getting a lot of traction. See “Ritz Carlton or College Dorm Room? You Tell Us”, showcasing photos of several pumped-up dorm rooms, including Grant’s, and Inspire Me Home Decor posted Grant’s photos on Instagram. Domino magazine found inspiration in the sophisticated room as well!

Read full article more here.


On this episode of DesignTV With Steven G., we interview a guru in the real estate industry and the CEO Douglas Elliman in the State of Florida, Jay Phillip Parker. We will discuss the future growth of the real estate marketplace.

Let’s get started…


Free Art Fridays
The weekend has finally arrived and it’s your chance to relax and score some free original art. Free Art Fridays is a worldwide art movement that’s made its way to Miami. Miami’s local chapter was founded by local artist and promoter, Registered Artist. This chapter is striving to unite artists, art collectors, and anyone who loves a good old scavenger hunt.

Every Friday, artists hide their work around the city, and whoever finds it gets to take it home for free. To participate, the rules are simple: Make a work of art you’re willing to give away. Then leave it somewhere in the city, along with your name (artistic nickname or otherwise) and the local chapter’s information (the site has a printable QR code, or artists can include the Facebook page URL). Next, post clues on the Facebook page to help Free Art Fridays (FAF) members find your work. Members also post pictures of their finds on the page and “share” them so artists can see who took their creations home. Painters, photographers, poets — all types of artists are encouraged to participate and drop pieces off around the city.

Think of the perfect summer party, gilled with swan inflatables, pool noodles, floating flamingo cup holders and nonstop music with DJs even performing on a floating stage! Miamians sure know how to throw a party!

The Float Bash will be bobbing up at Virginia Key Beach Park (4020 Virginia Beach Key Dr., Key Biscayne) this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., the beach bash will celebrate the end of the summer season. Here you’ll find everything from water slides and water activities to food trucks and an open bar to the aforementioned floating DJ stage, where local beat-makers will spin for eight hours straight. There will also be an air compressor to keep your vessel afloat and floaties for sale. Get your tickets HERE and read more about it at

For a more chill evening you can catch a flick at Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In
This tiny must-do has only 24 parking spots, shows a rotating schedule of classic flicks and is Miami’s only drive-in.


In the coming years laundry rooms have been redefined in the homes of many, and transformed into more than a room with a functional purpose. Today I am going to share with you some of the most opportunistic ideas to add to your laundry room!

Useful placement…
Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to dedicate a whole room for your laundry. Another option is to use the nook off the kitchen as a handy location. When you use quality finishes, like the sleek black built-in cabinetry surrounding this set, your washer and dryer don’t need to be hidden away.

Generous storage…
When it comes to storage in the laundry room the perfect combination if shelving and cabinets will do the trick. You can have your spare laundry baskets and fresh towels within reach on the open shelves. Stow away your cleaning supplies and other essentials behind closed cabinets.

Bold color…
You might as well have a little fun with one of the smallest rooms in your home, so why not go bold and paint it a color that pops! Add a vibrant touch that will put a smile on your face while doing chores.

Folding island…
Having a vast island in a spacious laundry room is extremely functional. You can use it for sorting and folding laundry and use it as storage space below.


Gloria Estefan, and her husband Emilio, have debuted their latest concept inside the Miami International Airport! It is called Estefan Kitchen Express. Estefan Kitchen Express serves up lots of delectable croquetas and tasty rum drinks.

This restaurant is a bite size version of the duo’s flagship restaurant coming to the Miami Design District later this year. On the menu you will find croquetas, pastelitos, bocaditos and mojitos if course! A similar fare found at their past Cuban eatery, Larios on the Beach and Bongos Cafe.

The grab-and-go restaurant is now open daily in Concourse D. Call 305-695-7000 for more information.


When decorating your home and all of your finishing touches are on its way to meet perfection your last and final step is accessorizing! This is my favorite part of interior design and it is where you can really show of you personality in your home.

Sometimes it is worth the treasure hunt when it come to choosing g your home accessories. Even if it checking out the local flea market or purchasing the perfect antique.

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what accessories to pair together, but if you stick with “decorating in 3’s” and using varying heights, you can’t go wrong. This rule means you can always put 3 matching accessories in one home to create balance.

One thing you have to remember is to stay true to yourself and your decorating partner. You should not worry about conforming to the latest trends or you’re your friends might think. You need to surround yourself with things you love. Remember, home is where the heart is!