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One great initial decorating principle to start with is to live with what you love. Though this sounds easy, sometimes it may be hard to execute. Today we have listed some of the top principles by some famous designers that will guide your dream home into a reality!

Accept that simplicity is the best adornment. Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist & Intellectual: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Stand true to the saying ‘function over form’. Steve Jobs, Technology Entrepreneur: “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

Never follow trends blindly. Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Designer: “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.

Experiment with color until you create an assortment you love. Tracy Reese, Fashion Designer: “Color embraces you. It wakes you up and keeps you present.

Make sure to have fun with it. Ross Cassidy, Interior Designer: “I don’t think people have enough fun with decorating. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Design isn’t like marriage. You don’t have to commit for life.


Slide into Saturday with…
Slide the City! This family friendly slip-and-slide water party event is perfect for the summer heat. They have live music, food, drinks, water, and the biggest slip and slide ever. Feel free to bring your water buckets, floaties, and water guns
Where: Downtown Miami TBA. Time: 8AM – 11PM. Tickets: Sign Up Here.

Treat yourself! It’s Spa Month in Miami!
As always Miami is blessed with a much needed Spa month! This August, Miami’s fiercest hotel spas cut their prices! Don’t forget that spa treatments mean pool access! Book your treat yourself daytoday!

Butterfly Conservatory
The new Butterfly Conservatory at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is open! Here you will find a truly serene landscape to take a weekend stroll. A great place to be with the wild life, at this Conservatory, you’ll step into a tropical dreamland that’s teeming with butterflies, palms, and every other tree and plant native to Miami. After you walk through the garden, stop at Glass House Café, Fairchild’s new eatery, which serves locally grown and organic food. Fairchild is open seven days a week, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Just because the bathroom is a the room in the house that serves a not so glamorous purpose doesn’t mean it has to look boring! With a few little changes you can turn it into a stylish room. Start your morning with a bright and warm room while it also calms you down for a good night sleep.

Check out these fresh ideas to dazzle up your bathroom!

Glam Lights
Make more of a statement in your bathroom and get rid of the industrial fluorescent overhead light! Look for a unique and artistic light fixture and add some LED bulbs and you are on your way! Now you can glam up your bathroom with a stand out piece.

Punchy Wallpaper
Making an easy and affordable change is simple with this trick. Pick out patterns that pops and you can completely transform your bathroom. You can base the whole style of the room with the wallpaper and wont need any additional artwork! Have you visitors be spellbound when stepping into the room.

Smarter Storage
If you are short on storage in your bathroom, and your linen cabinet is overflowing, try adding a bracketed shelf above the sink made of glass. This will add a ledge for toiletries. You can also install shelves with doors that sit above the back of your toilet. This is a discreet and quick storage fix.


Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese home decor philosophy. Feng Shui also plays a role in ones prosperity. Today we are going to uncover just how the ancient Chinese art of placement can help you save more, earn more, and just attract positive energy.

The following tips that we collected from Refinery29 are sure to help turn your home into a space that draws in the positive vibes.

Leave the junk out, leaving room to let success in…
Getting rid of clutter can be daunting, but is a must when starting to bring feng shui in your home.  “A well-organized and tidy space aids a calming and relaxing mood in a room,” says Will Taylor, author of the Bright Bazaar blog and the book Dream Decor. “By clearing surfaces and keeping storage solutions — both visible and hidden — in an orderly manner, you’re clearing the mind to focus on everyday tasks.”

Where to start: Start with your kitchen chunk drawer and make your way to your home office. Clearing out the clutter will automatically lift your decorating spirits.

Add a splash of gold…
Gold matches with many material and adds a punch to any space. Gold is a symbol of lavishness and you can use its light-reflective qualities to amplify energy and confidence.

Where to start: Within the practice of feng shui one must put together a “wealth corner.” When choosing where to add your gold, choose the corners either closest to the main door to a room or diagonal from it.

Let It grow…
Letting the outside in your home is a very important part of bringing natural energy into your home. Flowers and plants are a sign of new growth. This can make you see things more positively and bring peace to a space.

Where to start: Choose the room that has the most technology on it, usually it being our living room that contains the TV and computers. Electronics can bring the energy of work, stress, and distraction to any room and plants are the perfect solution to negate that energy and purify the air.


There are many elements to discuss when first moving in with that special someone. You don’t want to step on each others toes and you want to make sure your home style matches through out each room. Couples may have very different design aesthetics, so it is important to sit down and hash things out before turning your new home project into a nightmare!

Interior decorating can be a really fun team project so today I am going to share with you a few important tips when making design decisions with your partner.

Wall Color
Painting a fresh coat of paint is the simplest and most affordable way to make a big change to your home. If the two of you are having difficulty choosing a bold color than don’t! Just opt for a soft gray or beige. You can always use a bolder color in a smaller room like the bathroom or home office.

Furniture and Rugs
When it comes to larger home pieces, big budget decisions need to happen in advance. Try making a list of what is most important to each of you separately, like comfort, color, shape, and fabric. Now you can use those limitations to narrow your search. Find the images you both like on sites such as Pinterest and identify where there is an overlap of style.

One third of your life is spent in bed, so the vibes you choose for this room are the most important. Work together in finding a neutral ground or go bold with an awesome duvet print. Look into finding a highly saturated color for your sheets.  When is comes to choosing the materials it depends mostly on your life style. If don’t mind the trendy, messy bed look, try linen. If you cannot deal with wrinkles, go for cotton but keep in mind, the higher the thread count, the less your sheets breathe.


We have hand selected some great activities in Miami to get your weekend started. Check them out!

Boldly brave the PanIQ Room
This live-escape game locks you in a room in Wynwood that you can only get out of if you crack “Clue”-style encrypted hints. This fun and quirky event has reached many cities across the country and has been raved about. Be sure you bring a fun group to enjoy it!

August 5th – September 24th you should:
See a country concert in West Palm Beach!
Hank Williams, Jr, the Dixie Chicks and Miranda Lambert will be headlining the annual country music series at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

Paint with a Twist at La Côte
Paint night in Miami is the next best thing, especially when there is booze involved! Enjoy your painting lessons on a terrace at the Fontainebleau, complete with rosé and bites from an amazing restaurant.


We love sharing with you the upcoming trends of the season! This year so many fun things keep popping up it can be hard to keep track.

Here are some of our top picks from Internal Panel Systems 2016’s Top Interior Design Trends!
 Smart Appliances
There are many household appliances that include savvy technology. There are internet-connected ovens and tumble dryers that have all become a reality.
There are many competing products out there from established appliance brands such as Breville and Samsung. Smart appliances are way more than just technology; they make a statement about your whole home style.
Statement Mirrors
While mirrors have must needed home functions they also can do some pretty magical things to a room. Statement mirrors are all the rage this year bringing together a truly avant-garde yet classic design aesthetic. Of course grand mirrors can make your cozy apartment look larger than life!
Warm Metal Materials
Warmer metals are making their way into many of today’s most modern homes this year! Brands like Dornbracht have made materials like copper and gold, once dated, come back full circle. Withbathroom and kitchen fixtures, countertops, and industrial furniture, warm metals are extremely eye catching in a glamorous way this year.  Keep them in mind when you are choosing your new home accessories!


The Regent Seven Seas Explorer cruise ship has been trademarked as “The Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built”. Three design teams executed the ships 473 crystal chandeliers and implemented acre’s worth of Italian marble. There are many different challenges when it comes to designing for ocean travel but this team pulled it off remarkably. The firms included Miami’s CallisonRTKLICRAVE, and Swedish firmTillberg.

From extravagant hand-beaded Maya Romanoff wallpapers to gold-leaf mosaic tiles the design team installed in the Explorer’s French restaurant to be more than luxurious. They were given a limitless budget and the motivation to go above and beyond in every aspect.

This 450 million dollar ship is the definition of luxury and extravagance. It possesses a double-height entrance atrium with spiral staircases and a massive, swanky Chelsom chandelier; a 6,000-pound Tibetan prayer wheel sculpture that cost $500,000 to fabricate; and a $10,000-per-night, 4,443 square-foot master suite with a $150,000 bed and a flashy gold bathroom.

This one of a kind ship cannot be duplicated. Regent Seven Seas Explorer embarked on its maiden voyage July 20th from Monte Carlo, Monaco and will sail the Mediterranean until November when it will head to the Caribbean for the winter season.


The local Miami office of Perkins+Will has recently unveiled the designs for 1212 Lincoln Road project. This five-story mixed-use structure will be located at the corner of Alton Road and the internationally renowned Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach.

This complex will span 140,000 square feet and will feature 100 boutique hotel units, a European-style market, high-end retail space, as well as 450 parking spaces. The Market portion of the complex will contain fresh produce, as well as a assortment of glamorous restaurants. This project is currently aiming for LEED Gold certification.

The building will look like a glass prism with distinctly positioned glass façades. It will anchor this important intersection of Lincoln road creating a beautiful entryway to Miami Beach. This amazing design will add great value to Miami by combining sophistication and contemporary design to Lincoln Road.

1212 Lincoln Road has won undisputed approval from the City of Miami Beach’s Design Review Board. Be on the look out for this project to be completed in 2017!


There are always tons of things to do in Miami this weekend it can be hard to choose, so that is why we are here to help! Be sure to have some fun this summer and check out what is coming to Miami below!

Get into a prime pool party!
If you are looking for a party in Miami and need to beat the heat, you must try out a hotel pool, like Hyde Beach or the Fontainebleau. Get your tan on and enjoy a refreshing beverage this weekend!

Eat some amazing foods at Miami Spice
Miami’s top restaurants offer multi-course, prix fixe menus for $23 at lunch, $39 at dinner. Starting in August, it’s the fabulous time of year when Miami’s most expensive restaurants have prix-fixe lunch and dinner menus that are affordable.

Hop on a bike!
Rent a Citi Bike or take your own and enjoy the sights by pedal. Cruise down Ocean Drive, Shark Valley, Virginia Beach, or at any of Miami’s great parks!