Moving into a new house or apartment can be very pricey. You may not have the time or funds to go the professional route but there are many valuable options out there that can help! From apps to websites we sort the best out for you.

Don’t give up too soon when it comes to your interiors. Remember that your home should be a reflection of yourself and your style.

I have provided you below with these amazing web-based services that offer decorating plans and buying guidance for a low cost.
This virtual design firm charges a onetime fee per room. Start by viewing sample spaces and clicking “Love it” or “Leave it” to pinpoint your style. Then answer a few questions housing questions. Next, upload pictures of the room. Designers send mood boards of ideas, and you select the one you like best and work with that designer virtually until you land on a plan. You’ll get a shopping list, a layout, and how-tos to style your space.
This company charges a flat fee for an in-person design consultation—offered in major cities only—and beyond that, an hourly rate. If you live in a smaller city you should opt for a virtual experience and save 20% of the cost! You can also benefit by buying suggested products on your own, rather than through a designer, which often entails markups, and by using Homepolish’s vendor discounts (Design Within Reach, CB2, and many more).
This process kicks off with an interactive style quiz. Once you’ve turned in answers and uploaded photos of your space, along with a list of the furniture you want to keep, a designer sends two different room plans and requests feedback. The third (and final) plan gives suggested layout tweaks incorporating your feedback, plus a clickable shopping list for new pieces to add to the mix.