In the world of high-end interior design there are so many tricks to the trade when it comes to decorating a space. I have shared with you many ideas over the past months when it comes to redecorating kitchens, bathrooms, and even your ceiling.

Today I am going to share with you my top 5 tricks that will help you decorate those difficult corners in any room!

Find a Corner Cabinet or Table: Many people overlook the fact that some furniture has literally been created to save space and fir perfectly in a corner. This may be the obvious solution but the trick is to hunt down the right pieces and make your corner space more efficient!

Balance a Tall Ladder: Try using and old wooden ladder and place it angled on your corner. This may sound random but it makes perfect blanket or towel storage in a unique way. This can build on a real bohemian aesthetic.

Place Some Plants: Go green and bring the outside in! The natural leaves and branches will grow with the corner space and effectively fill it. This will bring true organic and beautiful vibes to brighten up your space.

Find a Round Table or Console: A round table first great in any corner and also seats more bodies than a rectangular one. Set your self up with a breakfast nook or a game area.

Add Some Shelves: Corner shelves are a quick and easy project to either buy or install over the weekend. You can place all those small framed photos you may have up with any awards or relics to keep that corner personal.