I’ve never been a person who’s spent a lot of time thinking about computers.

Sure, as the owner of a full service interior design company, I’ve had to rely on technology up to a point.  But while a lot of my colleagues and competitors moved over to doing 100% of their work on programs like AutoCad, we’ve continued to employ a staff of artists to render every design by hand.

I’ve always felt most comfortable with things you can touch, feel, and see right in front of you.

So then why did I finally decide to start a blog?

Why Having No Style Can Be the Best Style

It all started with conversation I had a few months ago with some members of my team.

It began innocently enough. Well, honestly, it started off with us patting ourselves on the back.

Someone in the office boasted loudly about our status as the biggest Miami interior design firm.

Then one of our more modest team members responded by mentioning all the other premium interior design talent out there in the world.

That led to a conversation about what it was that had led to our growth and what our philosophy of quality interior design really was.

What we finally decided was that there are a whole lot of fantastic designers with fantastic signature styles. We also decided that we didn’t have any signature style whatsoever.

By the end of that conversation I was grinning from ear to ear.

Great Interior Design Is Psychology

You see, even though people call me an interior designer, I’ve always seen myself more as a psychologist. I consider my job to be getting inside the head of a client, figuring out the home designs they would love more than anything else on earth, and then transforming that into reality,

Sometimes clients can tell us what they love. But more often, it’s buried down deep in their subconscious. It’s my job to bring it out to the surface.

I looked around and realized I had put together a team made up of people who see the world just like I do.

And that’s when it hit me…it wasn’t fair of us to keep all this precious information to ourselves.

What It’s All About

In our new blog, The Psychology of Design, the premium interior design professionals of Interiors by Steven G. will share with you exactly how we go about digging deep in order to transform the swirl of thoughts, dreams, and preferences inside someone’s head into an interior they’ll adore forever. A home that will be perfectly suited to you as a unique individual rather than simply reflecting the latest fads and fashions.

We want you to use what you learn.

Whether you’re making design decisions for your own home, working with a professional, or trying to decide on one, this blog will give you concrete tips and tricks for getting the home you’ve always wanted…which always begins with getting to know yourself.

This is going to be fun.