I have loved everything about shoes since I was a little girl.

I remember my very first ballet class when I was 5 years old — how I fell in love with those plushy pink ballet flats. And nothing was more fun than playing in my mother’s closet for hours trying on all of her heels.

There’s a reason so many great fashion designers have focused on shoes.

Manolo Blahnik with his classically elegant stilettos.

Christian Louboutin and his perfect red soles.

Dior with his feminine, edgy signature heels.

As a high end interior designer, it’s no wonder that shoes have influenced me. They’ve taught me about style, craftsmanship, quality and detail.

As for you, picking out the right pair of shoes can provide wonderful lessons about the design of your home.

Just like shopping for a pair of the perfect chairs, it’s not just how beautiful they are but how well they sit. The pitch must be absolutely right—are you leaning forward too much or ready for takeoff? Is the seat too shallow or too deep? Are the arms too high or low? Does your tush feel the springs as you sit or does the seat create a permanent indentation?

And are you assured of quality that will last?

A luxurious pair of shoes is all about the lines, cut, details and comfort.

So is quality interior design.

Think of the lines in terms of how they flow fluidly without being disjointed front to back and side to side. The cut should be tailored and proportioned with unique detail that sets apart from the rest.

These elements could be in the stitching, seaming, texture or hardware accents.

There should be a common thread that flows room to room. The furniture should be in proportion to the size of the room. The style should look timeless with accent pieces that complement each other.  Lighting should be strategic to help create a harmonious environment.

Premium craftsmanship is often handmade and invested with time and clear vision.

Manolo Blahnik has been known for perfecting the sexiest and most comfortable pair of stilettos. He spent years studying the ergonomics of women’s feet and perfecting the arch for his famous shoes. Each pair of shoes are crafted by hand to perfection.

Similarly, in home design, great craftsmanship trumps bells and whistles every time. A premium interior design professional studies a space as if it is a woman’s feet, and creates an environment perfectly suited to it.

Everyone has had the experience (or knows someone) who hardly wore beautiful shoes because they didn’t fit well. This is the same as sitting in a chair that does not meet its function and comfort. Or having a room with poor lighting that becomes a distraction and destroys the overall ambiance.

If your home doesn’t fit who you are and how you live, the design is a failure.

Luxury is wonderful, but comfort is what makes every day livable—whether it’s the shoes you walk around in or the place where you kick up your feet.