No matter where you live or what you do universally everyone looks into a mirror at least once a day. One of my favorite interior decoration inspirations, mirrors are truly fantastic home accessories that are greatly under appreciated and underused.

Not only are mirrors used to put on make up, build self esteem, and get yourself looking sharp in the morning; mirrors can also be used in many ways as a strong interior design tool.

If a mirror is placed properly they can help make small spaces feel bigger, bland spaces feel more exciting, and dark spaces seem lighter. You can always add a little jazz into the room by adding a mirror.

Today I am going to show you my top 5 ways to make mirrors work for you and your home.

Against the wall: You can create the illusion of more space by leaning a rather large mirror against a wall. You would want the mirror to be the same height as the wall to maximize this illusion. Put this mirror on the wall opposite a door and there you have it, letting the outside in.

In the entry: Having a mirror in an entry way is helpful for yourself and guests to have a quick look before going about there business.

As a group: Although a framed group of mirrors is more often used as a way to decorate the space above your couch, you can also add this to any wall to add pizzazz. The framed can vary in size, shape, and style because the mirrors will all have the matching component.

Replace your glass: if your tend to not keep your kitchen cabinets organized and not as presentable as you like you may want to reconsider the looks of your kitchen with glass cabinets. By switching to mirrored cabinets you can hide any messes and create a stable reflective surface.

Change a view: When your home allows you to have a view of the lovely outdoors you cannot waste that opportunity to expand it. You can set the mirror opposite the view to reflect it. However if you have a not so pretty view of say an alley, you can use a mirror to place on top of it.