The walls in your home are so important and sometimes of looked. Not only are they your whole homes infrastructure but also they can be used to express you and your family’s individuality and persona.

Check out these 3 great tips to use your wall space below!

Add Texture
This week our interior design inspiration was all about texture and the many ways you can create it. So get inspired and read more about it here to add texture and value to your walls.

Use Ordinary Ideas for Amazing Results
Storage and functionality can also be used officially within your wall space.
You can combine everyday objects that can also be stored in plain site. For example attach your bike rack to your wall and when not in use your bike will hang on the wall like a piece of functional art.

Tell Your Story
Use your home to tell your story. Take something that really reflects who you are such as a travel memento or special gift, and create a space or showcase for it on a wall. This will really express your personality within your home.

For example try using the wall space above your couch. This type of personal touch can become a conversation piece when visitors drop by.