When it comes to designing a space there are already so many different aspects to think about, such as walls, furniture, and style. What happens when you have so much space in a room you just don’t know where to start!?

Have no fear, we know it can be tricky to decorate a big space but today’s tips should help you jumpstart your interior design journey!

All of the classic design principles can also be applied to large spaces. When designing a large space it is particularly important to find a way that welcomes a guest when the step into the room. Under furnished or sparsely decorated rooms can make your guests feel lost and diminish the equity of the space.

Making sure you scale up your home accessories to this large space is also pertinent when designing. It is essential to get the scale right for the art, carpets, furniture and window treatments. This will allow you to create your own aesthetic.

One great way to tie the room together and add a focal point is by adding a one central light fixture such as a grandiose chandelier. Tie that together with gallery white walls and you can frame your room.

Always remember that with a large you have to keep an open concept. Everything has to ebb and flow. When you step back and look into a room, you want to be drawn in with stunning foundational details.