Along with the ever so famous Art Basel, Miami hold some of the worlds most famous and dazzling art and design shows. There are so many pop-up art galleries and new exhibits that follow the same week of Art Basel each year it may be difficult choosing which ones to go see.

Today I am going to tell you about this brand new creative art show called Superfine!

The innovation of New York creative collective FAME, Superfine! House of Art & Design will showcase a curated line-up of independent designers and visual artists who intersect high-impact contemporary art and dynamic inspired design.

These designers push the limits of modern design with their fresh and focused visions. Artists who can blur the lines of visual art and design make this show as unique as possible.

Alex Mitow created this art fair to foster accessibility, both on the creative side and on the attendee/buyer side. Mitow’s goal is to provide an even playing field and an open environment where artists and designers come face to face with collectors and influencers in a way that’s advantageous for everyone.

There are a lot of exciting and new things to see at Superfine! so be sure to secure your tickets now!