Steven G. Interior Designs of Miami discusses the innovation and interior design of the residences at the unique “city within a city,” Aventura Park Square.

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Ivan Ramirez: Aventura Park Square. That’s something that we wanted to talk because it is a very interesting concept, what you’re introducing there. Let’s talk a little bit about how you got involved and what your involvement is in the whole project.
Steven G: Okay. When the development team approached me, they said, “We’re doing something that nobody has ever done in this location.”
Ivan Ramirez: Mm-hmm. (affirmative)
Steven G: I said, “Tell me.” So it became a city within a city. Amazing retail, amazing medical, office building, retirement facility, luxury condominiums, and you don’t have to leave the neighborhood. It’s like a neighborhood within a neighborhood. I was enamored with the concept. Absolutely enamored.
Based on that success story, which has just not stopped, we’ve now gone into full blown presentation. The people are walking in buying their unit, as you would say turnkey. They will close and sleep there that night. Where in the marketplace, in Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach county, can you do that? Nowhere.
Ivan Ramirez: Nowhere.
Steven G: The concept for me was exciting. The team is amazing to work with. More important, for us, it’s a one of a kind. There’s nothing like this. Where do you walk out of your apartment and you could buy an office space and go to work, go downstairs, have breakfast, go workout in a world class gym, go to lunch, have dinner, have food delivered, and you never get in a car? To me, it was amazing.
Ivan Ramirez: It’s great. Great. Now, with the turnkey, which we’re seeing fully furnished residences, you are delivering them, like you said, the day our buyer closes, they are able to sleep in their home, it’s going to be fully furnished-
Steven G: It is every aspect of design.
Ivan Ramirez: Okay.
Steven G: The unit comes with beautiful porcelain floors that the development team provides. We go in. Furniture, artwork, greenery, accessories, window treatments, television. What else do you need? Unheard of in the industry. Nobody has ever done what we’ve done because we’ve taken it to a different level of not just furniture being delivered. Wallpaper finished by a licensed designer that is sitting with you, the client, and coordinating your fabrics, your leathers. I use the word leather. No vinyl or pleather in our process. The client gets real leather. We’ve taken it to a place that nobody ever has, at a price point that nobody could touch.
Ivan Ramirez: Amazing. I think that’s going to be, and it is already, an amazing success for our clientele because as you know in Miami, in Aventura, we have people from all over the world. They’re coming from everywhere and they don’t have time. Or if they do have the time, they don’t want to go through the hassle. They don’t want to … They understand how to do the things. With the coordination that you and the developer have put together to make this happen, like you said, is unknown. It’s not offered anywhere.
Steven G: Our trucks and installation team will go to the site two days prior to closing of the unit. By the time the client signs, transfers their funds, they could go and sleep in the unit because the maids have been there already.